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Track & Field Bar

"increase in loyalty after location-based messaging..."

Tokyo Smoke Cafe

"increase in visit frequency..."

Broncos Restaurant

"unique opt-ins per month per location..."

"Turnstyle's technology was appealing because it evolves the way that we can interact with our consumers, providing a platform for direct communication and a new innovative reward system for our patrons, all through the Wi-Fi."
Steve Beaudry, Board Chair, Subway Restaurants
Find out how Subway uses Turnstyle
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Turnstyle powers over 5,000 venues in more than 30 countries
increase in customer visits per location
increase in loyalty and customer engagement
unique customer opt-ins per month per location
rating for administrator interface
How Turnstyle Works
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Offer Wi-Fi Hotspot to Customers at your Business

Your venue offers a Wi-Fi hotspot as a value add and customers are directed to your branded log-in page.

Customers connect and enroll in your marketing campaigns

Visitors join your Wi-Fi via a social profile, email address, or phone number. You build targeted marketing lists and get permission to contact.

Reward and Retain Your Customers with Digital Coupons

Gain the ability to reward and retain your customers with automated messaging and coupons.

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"An Innovative Wi-Fi Marketing Platform"

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